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Friday, February 4, 2011

#19 - There Might be Some Bad Words

Back to the swing of things with episode 19!  This week's episode features some brand new tracks that stretch from spunky pop to hip hop.  PLUS a new demo from Brad Sucks!  All this and more...see below for the playlist.

**NOTE** I am currently having some difficulty with the iTunes feed, so hopefully if you are waiting on it you can download it directly from this blog post.  If you don't use itunes - well, that's okay then, you can use the new feed!

#19 - "There Might be Some Bad Words"
  1. Lindsey White - Equinox
  2. Joey Ripps ft. Bliss-One - For the Minute
  3. Alexander Hudjohn - Billy
  4. Swear and Shake - The Promise
  5. The Hall Monitors - Peggy Sue
  6. Way Yes - Color Blind
  7. Gunfight! - Empties
  8. Brad Sucks - Guess Who's A Mess (Demo)

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