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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Show Notes: #23 - No Foolin'

Welcome to April!  Spring is definitely here - it's true, because a bird thought it was in my best interests to deficate on my passenger-side mirror on my car.  Anyway, new podcast for this week, with not so many new tracks but some great sounding music nonetheless.  Hope you enjoy!

Direct Download

  1. Kellee Maize - Start None (see the video here)
  2. Joshua Watkins - I Hope You Love Me
  3. 20LB Sounds - Jimmy Carter (see info re: Liverpool show here)
  4. Sylvain the Librarian - Daddy Play (Dymaxion Groove release of Staff Only No Vikings)
  5. Jens Wennberg - Show & Tell
  6. Emerald Park - At the Mall
  7. The Very Sexuals - Bowie Eyes
  8. I Am Not Lefthanded - Falling (get the "catch-up" EP here)
Total playtime: 0:33:46

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