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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Show Notes: #74 - A Look Back at 2013

Technically it's still January, so it's not TOO late for a look back at last year in music.  I specifically took music from Jamendo's Best of 2013 playlist, and FrostWire's Creative Commons Mixtape Vol. 4.  Some great music on both, plus a quick look ahead at the year to come.  Enjoy!

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  1. Circa Vitae - Wage War (June 2013, Lovers EP)
  2. Joe Farren - American Dream (August 2013, Open Skies)
  3. Quietly Concerned - All You Know (April 2013, Homeless)
  4. Great White Buffalo - Likely Story (May 2013, Great White Buffalo)
  5. Fall Walk Run - Do Or Die (February 2013, Piece by Piece)
  6. Floppy Dee - Swept Clean (May 2013, Single)
  7. The Color and Sound - Graves (March 2013, The Spring Tour EP)
  8. The Grammar Club - Four Fine Walls (March 2013, Biovailable)
  9. Ménage Quad - Off The Wall (October 2013, Swing Soirée)
  10. BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton - What Comes Naturally (February 2013, II)
  11. Kings of the City - Make Me Worse (August 2012, FrostWire Special)
  12. Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind - Someday Soon (April 2013, Someday Soon)
  13. Fresh Body Shop - Stainless Steel Machine (January 2014, Turn the Lights On EP)

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