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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Show Notes: #26 - Brad Sucks, Ostrich Tuning, I Am Not Lefthanded

Another two weeks gone, another podcast episode in.  In today's episode, new tracks from Brad Sucks and I Am Not Lefthanded, plus the very first Label Gazing segment featuring Ostrich Tuning from Toronto!  All this plus some other great tracks for your listening enjoyment in today's episode.  Full playlist follows below.

Direct Download (31:32, approx. 28 MB)
  1. Lungs for Gills - Starry Void
  2. Studebaker's Blacksmith Shop - Merry Goes Around
  3. Pawky Maven - Monsters
  4. Ostrich Tuning - Floor
  5. Laura Stevenson and the Cans - Landslide Song, The Dig
  6. I Am Not Lefthanded - Alone (It's Not So Bad)
  7. Brad Sucks - Come Back (Demo)
During the show I also apologized to Singleton, whom I confused with The Singletons in a post last month.  Consider this my official apology - I was briefly confused.  I'll change up the post soon!

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