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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Show Notes: #73 - Between Fall and Winter

Welcome to an another Autumn edition of Alternative Airwaves!  In today's episode, hear from artists such as Singleton, Sunwill, and La Nueva Guardia.  A good mix between folk, pop, and rock this time around - it should go well with your next workout at the gym.  Enjoy!

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  1. Pianochocolate - First Sense
  2. LM - The Better Way
  3. The Gray Havens - Silver
  4. Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers - Snowday (Live)
  5. MOPI - Don't Stop
  6. Mindflow - Breakthrough
  7. Vanda - Gravity
  8. Sunwill Queen For A Day
  9. Dan Bryk - Normal
  10. LiQuid Metamorphosis - Shoot the Moon
  11. Singleton - Breathe In Breathe Out
  12. Andre Rodriguez - Look Away
  13. LNG - Dame Tiempo

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