Brad Sucks on Rock Band

If you like Rock Band and Brad Sucks, you probably wanted to merge the two together somehow. Here’s a preview: Looks awesome! Wish I hadRead More

“New Podcast Coming”

Wow I dropped the ball on the long weekend. No worries, I have time blocked out on Saturday to record & produce a new podcast.


I’ve been conspiciously absent from my blog! With good reason, though; I’m not only working on the next podcast (I’d better hurry and finish –Read More

#5 – Vacation Part 2!

Surprisingly, I’ve got this podcast completed on time! That’s pretty amazing for me, lately. There are lots of good tracks in this podcast. None ofRead More

I feel terrible

I have not kept up my end of the bargain with regards to podcasts. I’m not going to have time to do one before theRead More