Monday, June 15, 2009

Polaris Long List Announced

I know this isn't free music - and it's definitely not licensed via Creative Commons - but I mentioned this on the blog before so I feel it's still relevant. The Polaris Music Prize announced its long list, and there are some very good artists on it. I have the feeling that the winner is going to wind up being the Arkells - but why not take a look at the list and find some great Canadian artists for yourself?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Glass Waves - One Day We'll All Just Float Away

I don't like spoiling the content of upcoming podcasts, but I think it's hard to make it NOT obvious who I'm featuring when I talk about them BEFORE I record. Anyway, obvious hints aside, I heard about Glass Waves at the start of the week via Twitter; the Creative Commons twitter account re-tweeted FrostClick's post about Glass Waves, an alternative / rock group with a free album.

The group is from St. Louis, and from FrostClick's post, consists of Jordan on vocals and guitar, Micah on bass, and Nate on drums. The album in question is One Day We'll All Just Float Away, and has a pretty neat sound. Now, the group is described as "rock" but I'd throw them more into the alternative category - even "indie" if you fall into the camp where "indie" is its own sound rather than just meaning independant.

Anyway the album is fairly mellow. I listened to it on a rainy day, which seems fitting for the overall sound. I don't mean to say that it's depressing, but it just feels like a rainy day album to me. I'll at least keep some surprise by not telling you WHICH track I'm playing in this week's podcast (which, as an aside, will be delayed by a volleyball tournament).

You can check out Glass Waves at their website,, on Jamendo, Myspace, LastFM, Facebook, and finally Twitter. Wow, we sure do have a multitude of sources to get information about a band these days.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Boxing Fox - The Shepherd Hates Us

I didn't talk about Boxing Fox's album The Shepherd Hates Us nearly enough on Podcast #3. In fact, I only mentioned them in passing. To be honest, I didn't really give their album a full listen before including them in the podcast - I simply listened to a bit of the first track, and decided it was good enough. That turned out to be a real shame for me, because The Shepherd Hates Us is a really fun ska album.

The first track, Good Mood, sets the tone for the whole album. Despite sounding a little corny, I have to say it - the song really does put you in a good mood, and that carries through the entire album. Vanessa and I both thought that Good Mood sounded a lot like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, which is not necessarily saying anything bad about Boxing Fox.

The band itself is from Germany, so it's a little surprising that only one of the tracks is sung in German. I personally prefer English-language songs so I'm not too disappointed - just surprised.
At any rate, this really is the perfect album to just throw on during a party for a fun time. The lyrics are upbeat (especially in The Sun is Shining), the beats are ridiculously danceable, and well...I can't go on without repeating, so just take my word for it, and download this band!
Oh, I heard about this band through Free Albums Galore. Check out their post about Boxing Fox here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

#3 - The Leftouts, Les Sans Dessein, General Union

Episode #3 is here! Third time's a charm, regarding proper microphone levels in a bedroom "studio"! Anyway today's episode is a bit of a 50/50 mix between punk and celtic music - just what I felt like browsing this week. Apologies that it is a day late, but it is still here.

Oh, the enhanced version is not yet available, but I'm working on that. Another note, re: iTunes...I haven't yet figured out how to get the podcast on iTunes, but that's another work in progress.

#3 - The Leftouts, Les Sans Dessein, General Union - mp3 version (approx. 46 MB)

1. Boxing Fox - Good Mood (4:02)
2. The Leftouts - Trust (3:46)
3. Cumbersome - Passing Lane (3:17)
4. Nick Lupien - Hors La Lois (2:34)
5. Les Sans Dessein - Douce Broue (3:42)
6. Nobby and the Impregnators - Skin and Bones (2:16)
7. Ceili Moss - Leis Lurrighan (2:51)
8. Mike Berry - Halting March (4:23)
9. Jef Crew - Black Irish Banshee (4:30)
10. Osaeris - Abbey Antics (4:30)
11. General Union - Beerdrinker - Lock the Door (2:47)
12. Lonesome Tofu Expressway Rambling Stringband - Cripple Creek (3:15)
13. Braintrust - Stay Plastered (2:53)
14. The Plushies - Hot Glove (1:39)

Total running time: 51:00

Monday, June 1, 2009

Robin Grey

I know I raved about The Notes And Scratches, both in my last podcast and the blog, but another really great artist from podcast #2 is Robin Grey. Grey is a British singer/songwriter who released his debut album, Only The Missile, in 2008. He's really talented and has a nice folk sound.

I played a track off of Only The Missile and I Love Leonard Cohen on podcast #2 - that's just two tracks. If I wanted to I probably could have played the entire Missile album straight through, but then I'd be running late because I'd want to play The Notes and Scratches too. I think the reason I like his music is because it's thoughtful, and not too light that it gets on your nerves. I said in episode #1 that I disliked the majority of Ben's Imaginary Band's Nocturnal Fables album, primarily because it was too light.

This isn't the case for Robin Grey, although I think I may be biased by some of the country roots intertwined with the folk sound. Though this isn't a main reason why I really like the music, I do find it neat/interesting that he throws in a lot of religious imagery into his music - and not just the obvious stuff, but things you don't hear too often like the old story about the fool who built his house on the sand.
You can definitely expect to hear more of Robin Grey on the podcast - but you can download his music for free right now from Jamendo.