#5 – Vacation Part 2!

Surprisingly, I’ve got this podcast completed on time! That’s pretty amazing for me, lately. There are lots of good tracks in this podcast. None of them are new artists to Alternative Airwaves, but they are tracks that I haven’t played yet.

Unfortunately, I still don’t have any pictures to give you from my vacationing. Those will have to come in a separate blog post, but I will be getting some of them this weekend (a long weekend for most Canadians).

Download Podcast #5 – Vacation Part 2 – approx. 57 MB

And here’s the playlist if you want to follow along while listening.

  1. Allison Crowe – Angels
  2. Mountain Mirrors – I Don’t Belong (unreleased Piano version)
  3. Tin Soldier – Nella
  4. The Wookies – You (With Me)
  5. Robin Grey – Only The Missile
  6. The Notes & Scratches – The Captions
  7. Brad Sucks – Bad Attraction
  8. Nine Inch Nails – Non-Entity
  9. The Transisters – My Monkey is Dead and Gone
  10. Staggered Crossing – Burgundy & Blue
  11. RUBENFUNKSTER – Rockets & Moonshots
  12. Boxing Fox – The Last I know
  13. Glass Waves – Ashes
  14. Glass Candy – Hurt
  15. .audiosport – Red Song
  16. Paper Tiger – This Year
  17. Louis Lingg & the Bombs – Conspiracy

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  1. Hi Josh – thanks for the comment. As I have yet to figure out how to get Blogger to notify me of new comments, I only caught this right now. I will check it out ASAP!

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