Upcoming Podcast – #17

My last post was December 1st?  Really?  I’m very sorry about that, but I have been busy getting new music for the next podcast.  IRead More

#16 – Never Again

I recorded episode 16 of the podcast last night, but only got around to uploading it this morning.  So, that’s also why the blog postRead More

#15 – 20lb Sounds

Finally, another episode of Alternative Airwaves!  I’ve been pretty busy with NaNoWriMo this month, but I found time this evening to get a podcast recorded.Read More

Quick Update

Still working away on podcast #15.  Sort of working, anyway; the concept I had originally planned is not going to work out, as there isRead More

Upcoming Podcast #15

I haven’t posted since the last podcast so I thought I would update everyone on the next podcast, which should be done…”soon”.  For the record,Read More

#14 – Beards

My apologies for the very delayed Blog post for the latest podcast.  You see, I’ve been quite busy at work, and there was a weddingRead More