The Star Rover – Songs in Asia Minor

I stumbled upon this artist on Jamendo through the Canadian New Releases RSS feed; now, unfortunately, that feed doesn’t provide much detail – just the artist name and album title. I needed something to listen to while I worked, so I decided to check out Songs in Asia Minor.

I was quite pleasantly surprised! To be perfectly honest, I have to do a lot of digging on Jamendo to find something that I really enjoy listening to. It’s usually pretty rare that I find something this good on the first click. The Star Rover looks to be one guy based in Victoria, BC – I’m not 100% sure, as the website is not very detailed.

Either way, this music is right up my alley today. I can’t say that I was specifically looking for some traditional blues rock, but it fit my mood once I started listening. This is the type of music I would expect to hear at a blues bar somewhere – gritty, and with a solid beat.

I listened to his other album on Jamendo, Wings of Fire. That one is a little more rock-inspired than Songs in Asia Minor, though both are deeply rooted in the blues. Which album is superior is really subjective, and depends on what you’re in the mood for: rock, or blues. Personally I’m getting more out of Wings of Fire right about now.

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