#2 – Electric Frankenstein Show Notes

Episode 2 is here (and on time)!  Here are today’s show notes:

  • If you have any feedback send it to altairwaves@gmail.com
  • What the heck?  I released this two days early! **
  • Check out iTunes to subscribe to the podcast directly
  • Today’s opening track was called Making Me Nervous by the fantastic artist Brad Sucks (http://www.bradsucks.net/)
  • The feature album is Conquers the World! by Electric Frankenstein (http://www.electricfrankenstein.com/)
  • I recorded the podcast using a Rock Band USB mic on my desktop computer
  • There seriously IS a Frankenstein commemorative stamp but I can’t find a picture of it.
  • The closing track was called Girls Night by First Rate People (http://myspace.com/firstratepeople/)
  • Direct download of the podcast: https://media.zencast.fm/alternative-airwaves/38.mp3

** – I figured that when I uploaded the RSS feed it wouldn’t update the podcast until Thursday…but I was wrong.  It put it up this morning!  Next week I will be more careful / prepared.

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