Wednesday, April 14, 2010


GLITCH56 - GLITCH56 AKA Jason Gosling

As much as I'd love to think Jason Gosling is a huge ReBoot fan - hence his stage name - I don't think that's actually the case here.

So what exactly is GLITCH56 all about?  In short, it's an electronic pop album.  This is not something I would normally put to my ears, but I thought that I should be fair and at least check it out.  I remember having a particular dislike for hip hop or country music years ago, but I was proven a fool when I found out I liked it.

Having said that, I'm still not a huge fan of electronic music.  So it really helps that GLITCH56 has a big pop element backing up the electronica.  I would ALMOST classify this as "Lo-Fi Pop", but I think that's still another category on its own.

My favourite track from GLITCH56 is a toss-up between 92 and Beautiful Now.  I definitely did not like the one (I think it's just one) track that was pure electronica, but as a whole I think it's a solid album and worth checking out if you're looking for something beyond your normal tastes.

Oh, ALSO this artist is Canadian too!


  1. way to go Jay !!!!!!!

  2. GLITCH56 is amazing! Do yourself a huge favor and check him out!

  3. This article does not do GLITCH56 justice! This guy just has his head up his arse.

  4. Thanks for your comment & opinion!