Thursday, May 6, 2010

#6 - Not South American Banjo Ska

Here it is, episode #6!  Unfortunately, it is not the "South American Banjo Ska" genre my brother wanted, but instead is Celtic Hip Hop - coming from Oakland, California, no less!  Here are the show notes:

  • The opening theme is as always a modification of Brad Sucks' song Making Me Nervous
  • The opening track was called Drunken Kitchen Kisses, by The Destroyed Room, which I heard about thanks to FrostClick.
  • Wikipedia movie summaries really are awesome; check out the one for Twister
  • Today's feature artist: Beltaine's Fire; their album is The Weapon of the Future
  • Tomorrow I have a meeting with the prosecutor about a bylaw ticket concerning my dog, Hank.
  • The last band was one I mentioned last week - Glossary.  Their album is called The Better Angels of Our Nature

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