ASCAP vs Free Culture

I read a nasty story about ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), the American counterpart to SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors, andRead More

Ahead of Schedule

I finished recording the Canada Day podcast on Wednesday night – a full 8 days in advance of when I wanted to release it.  It’sRead More


I’m sure everyone between Toronto and Montreal knows of the Earthquake that was centered just North of Ottawa this afternoon – I’m pretty sure noRead More

Lillith Fair

I thought you might be interested to know more about Lilith Fair.  You know, the fair that’s all about female musicians front and centre, raisingRead More

Blog Role

Haha, see what I did there?  I made a pun based on Blogger’s Blog Roll 😛  I grant that it wasn’t a very good one.Read More

#8 – CC Sampler Part 1

I finally got to do the podcast this weekend!  Life has been very busy: sudden funeral 8 hours away, a softball tourney this afternoon (BRead More

More Reviews

I would space these out, but I am taking a last minute trip up north for a funeral so I figured I’d get these postedRead More