Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bi-Polar Bear - Today I Found Happy

Bi-Polar Bear - Today I Found Happy

FrostClick.com posts a lot of great free music - some of it I've already discovered on my own, but usually they find some cool stuff before I do.  Read the full review on FrostClick for more details about this Hip-Hop duo, but be sure to listen.  The lyrics are explicit though, so shield any innocent ears necessary.

The album is really good - and it's not just because I've been in the mood for some good Hip-Hop lately.  There are numerous samples on this album and many of them feature some strong brass sounds.  For some reason this really appeals to me; I guess it gives it a more soulful sound, which I tend to enjoy.

You'll probably be hearing a little from them in upcoming podcasts.

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