Circa Vitae

I was thinking of doing a podcast this week but a cold has put those plans aside.  I don’t think I can even breathe rightRead More

#13 – Canadians

I finally did a podcast on time!  It’s been a while since I’ve done that.  Note that by “on time” I mean “I announced publiclyRead More

Sweet, Sweet Logic

I’m not normally one for instrumental music, but Sweet Mother Logic has coloured me impressed. I discovered them thanks to a Jamendo user’s excellent CanadianRead More

Emptying the Inbox

I frequently send myself links to music to listen to and then never get around to listening to it.  This leads to a ton ofRead More

Neat Playlist

This isn’t about free music (well, some of it may be free somewhere, I don’t know), but I crafted a playlist that turned out quiteRead More

#12 – Hip Hop Show

I probably could have come up with a more clever name, but I didn’t.  Here’s the track listing along with links to applicable download pages.Read More

Quick Update

I’ve been a bit quiet lately – sorry about that!  This is really just an update to say that I have a podcast complete (justRead More