Thursday, September 9, 2010

Neat Playlist

This isn't about free music (well, some of it may be free somewhere, I don't know), but I crafted a playlist that turned out quite well!  So I wanted to share it.  In the interest of full disclosure, though, I should mention that it was actually Apple's Genius Playlist feature on my iPod that crafted this playlist.  But I picked the first song, and the songs on the ipod - doesn't that count for anything??

1. Tragically Hip - Blow at High Dough
2. Sam Roberts - Where Have All The Good People Gone?
3. Metric - Poster of a Girl
4. Joel Plaskett Emergency - Fashionable People
5. Barenaked Ladies - Call and Answer
6. Hawksley Workman - Striptease
7. Stars - Take Me To the Riot
8. Joel Plaskett - Nowhere With You (CBC 3 session)
9. Kreesha Turner - Bounce With Me
10. Sam Roberts - Them Kids
11. TragicallY Hip - New Orleans is Sinking
12. Metric - Dead Disco
13. White Stripes - Rag and Bone
14. Barenaked Ladies - Falling for the First Time
15. Hawksley Workman - We Will Still Need a Song
16. David Bowie - Blue Jean
17. Weezer - Hash Pipe
18. Joel Plaskett Emergency - Drunk Teenagers
19. Sam Roberts - Brother Down
20. The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
21. Stars - My Favourite Book
22. Metric-  Gimme Sympathy
23. Tragically Hip - Courage (for Hugh Maclennan)
24. Barenaked Ladies-  Too Little Too Late
25. Kreesha Turner - Don't Call Me Baby

I would probably take out the Kreesha Turner songs, and Bowie, as those tracks seem to be the odd ones out.  But overall I think it's a pretty good playlist!  What do you think?

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