Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Upcoming Podcast - #16

I thought I might get into a habit of posting pre-podcast updates, as the last couple of them have led to me doing a podcast shortly thereafter.  I'm still plugging away at NaNoWriMo but I think I'm going to need a break this weekend just to rest my hand (I'm handwriting, you see).

I have a few tracks in particular I want to play - specifically, some new Girl Talk.  I also plan on getting into a festive spirit, so you can look forward to some Holiday-themed music.  There's also a special track that I would love to play for you, but I have to check to see if I still have it (or if it is lost forever - I hope not).

There is a possibility I'll have this done on Friday as I have a day off and will probably procrastinate from writing.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#15 - 20lb Sounds

Finally, another episode of Alternative Airwaves!  I've been pretty busy with NaNoWriMo this month, but I found time this evening to get a podcast recorded.  I even did some writing while I was putting the show together!  All in all, a successful evening.

Track listing:
  1. Bella Ruse - Complicated Rhythm (from their upcoming album out December 13)
  2. Sonic Real Estate - Rocking in a Free World (live acoustic track)
  3. Dan Lynch - Nano Song
  4. 20lb Sounds - Redemption Song (excellent Bob Marley cover)
  5. The Moose Jaw Twins - Fly
  6. Jens Wennberg - Welcome to 1984 (from the album of the same name)
  7. Chuck D - No Meaning No
And here are some links from the headlines...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Update

Still working away on podcast #15.  Sort of working, anyway; the concept I had originally planned is not going to work out, as there is audio I need that I cannot find at the moment.  I will keep trying to track down what I'm looking for, and hopefully I can get that concept off the ground!

In the meantime, I have a lot of other music to choose from, so as soon as I get a spare moment (I am currently participating in National Novel Writing Month, so most of my creative energy is going toward writing.  I would probably welcome a break from writing though!), I'll put something together.

There's another "feature" of sorts I'm going to try incorporating, and I think because of its nature it will work a lot better than any of the other hair-brained ideas I've tried so far.

See you in a little bit!