Saturday, January 22, 2011

#18 - New Year

The first new podcast of 2011 is finally done!  I thought I picked some really awesome music to kick the year off on a great note.  The standard playlist with links to artists' websites is below, but first a couple of links I mentioned during the show:
- International Sock Monkey - I mentioned this in the blog earlier in the week; it's the free music blog put together by the members of Bella Ruse.
- 23 Seconds - A great netlabel from Gothamberg, Sweden.
- Aaahh Records - another netlabel, similar in style to 23 Seconds.


  1. The Womb - All I Want to Do is Find Love Before I Die
  2. Pinkle - Fractals
  3. Emerald Park - The Commonfield
  4. When I Was 12 - Vanilla Vodka
  5. Bella Ruse - Tha Kazoo Song
  6. The Wind Whistles - Turtle
  7. Bearkat - Call the Doctor
  8. Matt Dorgan Project - Falling Down

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