Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Album? Yes Please!

So I was away for about half a week for a bit, and while I kept up with twitter and sent various links to free music to my inbox, I'm only just now getting to them.  Most of the links are to individual songs, but this one is to a free album from a Canadian duo, Tonka & Puma.

The album is called Last Heaven and you can get it from NXEW's website.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Sloan Track!

A simple post today:

My favourite Canadian band - Sloan - is coming out with a new album to mark their 20th anniversary.  You can get their lead single, Follow the Leader, for free.

Check it out here!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

#20 - 20th Anniversary Spectacular

I did it - I made it to 20 episodes!  In this week's episode, you'll hear quite a bit of hip hop (some of it not so conventional) plus some bluegrass mixed in between.  All this and episode 20 of Alternative Airwaves!

Unfortunately the iTunes feed is still broken, but I hope to get it fixed in the near future.  But probably not until the next podcast.

Playlist for #20
  1. Joey Ripps - Can't Stop Livin'
  2. Montag - Small Town Boy / Never Gonna Cry Again
  3. Bella Ruse - An Animal A Natural (Live Video Version)
  4. Greenland is Melting - Greenland Whale Fisheries
  5. Gangstagrass - In My Aching Heart Shadows Linger
  6. The Riot Before - Words Written Over Coffee
  7. Bomb the Music Industry! - Everybody That You Know
  8. Toby Mac - The Slam
  9. Dan Smith - Baby Got Book
Running time is 35:45

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Free Music Archive

I've got another Free Music Source for you - and it's massive.  I'm 100% positive I've linked either to the site itself, or to an artist whose music is hosted on it.  Either way, it deserves some more attention.

It's the Free Music Archive.  You can learn more about it on their About page, but the long and short of it is run by WFMU, "the most renowned freeform radio station in America."  Every MP3 on the site is available for free, legal download, and has license information on each of them.  Also - this is a plus for me, mainly - it has a fairly large collection of live recordings from various indie Canadian acts.  One of my favourites that I've picked up has been Dan Mangan's performance of Road Regrets live at KEXP.  You can check out other songs by Dan Mangan by following this handy link.

The only downside - and this is a downside for me, personally - is that you have to pay close attention to the licenses.  For example, most of the live recordings of the Canadian musicians allow you to download and share, but I can't play them in the podcast.  At least, that's my interpretation - representatives from the FMA can feel free to correct me!

Anyway there is a ton of music hosted on the FMA, and you can easily lose a day or two searching through it.  Have a look, and enjoy.

On another note: I'm recording the 20th podcast tonight.  I'm really excited for it!  Expect to see it on the blog Saturday morning.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Music Fridays at

I think it was last Friday that I linked to some free music from The Strokes; that link was from, which is a fairly excellent music blog that talks about nearly everything music-related.  It's run by Allan Cross, who also does an ExploreMusic radio show and also A History of New Music (I think that's what it's called - I don't usually listen on weekends unfortunately).

So it makes sense then that ExploreMusic is also a pretty great source for free music.  Here's the link - they have new free tracks every Friday.  Most of them are likely available indefinitely, but there are some (like last Friday) that are time-limited

Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Music Monday

Best GIS result for "Free Music Monday"
 Okay, free music today.  Hmm.  To be honest, I have a lot to choose from, and it's hard to pick.  Okay, well I did find a link from FrostClick leading to a free album sampler with a Valentine's Day theme.  Unfortunately, it's only available via the Amazon MP3 store - which is great, but only if you live in the US.  You're not allowed to buy music if you live outside the US, even if you're "buying" $0 music.  Oh how I love the wonderful world of licensing (speaking of which, I'm really surprised that FrostClick even linked to Amazon at all - they usually stick with Creative Commons).

Where was I?  Oh yes.  That sampler was actually from Bloodshot Records, so I decided to just go straight to their website to see if the sampler would be there.  If it's there, I sure can't find it, but they DO have a Giveaways page with a handful of free MP3s.  The genre seems to be primarily folky roots type of music, and I liked the tracks that I clicked on at random.

Why not give it a shot on this rainy Monday?

In other news...

I mentioned on my Twitter feed this weekend that I'm working on something fun for episode 20 of Alternative Airwaves. I should clarify that by "I'm working on something" I really meant "I haven't really started yet, but I have lots of time this week to get it done in one night of hard work". It's nothing major but I thought I'd do something cool for a "landmark episode".

Friday, February 11, 2011

Get it While it's Free!

Twitter is awesome for free music.  I heard from TSN Personality @JayOnrait via radio personality @alancross that there is a new Strokes single out there, and it's free from their website.

It's only available for the next 48 hours though, so you might need to hurry. has all the details.

Let's file this under the category, "Musc I wish I could play on the podcast but can't because of licensing"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Interesting Source for Free Music

I've got another source of free music for you to enjoy.  This looks like it's some kind of record label - it's at the very least an online store.  I found it through a link to a band called Greenland is Melting; the link came from A Truer Sound.  I don't know why I split apart that sentence, other than it would have sounded even more confusing if I kept it as one sentence.  Good lord I hope I edit this out of the final draft

It's called Paper + Plastick, and it has a mix of free stuff as well as music you can buy.  You simply have to go to the store, and sign up for an account - but it's fairly quick and I don't think they send anything to you unless you ask.  I will admit, the site design is not very intuitive (which is my nice way of saying that I'm not a fan of their layout and how you're able to download music), but for the free tracks some slight pain is worth it.

I've downloaded a few tracks that I intend to include in the podcast, so there's some good stuff you may want to check out there.  I assume the paid stuff is pretty good, though I haven't checked any of it out.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick Review: Joey Ripps' Son of 1,000 Pardons

I'm terrible at writing music reviews and even worse when they're hip hop, so I just have a few short words about the latest Blocsonic release, Joey Ripps' Son of 1,000 Pardons.  Also woops - this was supposed to go up last Friday.  I'm terrible at blogging.

Anyway, I really liked the album overall.  Like I said, I don't think I'm really all that qualified to write about hip hop, but if I enjoyed it then that means it was pretty good.  I mean, hip hop is not my go-to music genre, so it takes a really good album to catch my attention.

I was reminded quite a bit of Lupe Fiasco while I was listening - Joey has a sort of...I'm not sure how to describe it...flowing sound to most of his tracks.  Not that I'm saying that I think he ripped Lupe off or anything, that's just the closest sound I can think of to compare him to.

I'll stop now before I start to turn people away by accident or something.  Just go download Son of 1,000 Pardons from Blocsonic!

Friday, February 4, 2011

#19 - There Might be Some Bad Words

Back to the swing of things with episode 19!  This week's episode features some brand new tracks that stretch from spunky pop to hip hop.  PLUS a new demo from Brad Sucks!  All this and more...see below for the playlist.

  1. Lindsey White - Equinox
  2. Joey Ripps ft. Bliss-One - For the Minute
  3. Alexander Hudjohn - Billy
  4. Swear and Shake - The Promise
  5. The Hall Monitors - Peggy Sue
  6. Way Yes - Color Blind
  7. Gunfight! - Empties
  8. Brad Sucks - Guess Who's A Mess (Demo)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New RSS Feed

I have to test this out still, but I set up a new feed for the podcast.  The test will really be when I upload a new podcast.  Unfortunately I can't update change the iTunes feed until my web host is back online, which is hopefully soon.

But if you're not subscribing via iTunes you can now use this link:

Like I said, I need to test the podcast portion of it but it seems to be aggregating the site's feeds pretty well.

Site outage

Hey all - hopefully no one is having too much trouble what with my web space being down for a little bit.  I get the web space for free, so the price of occasional outages is not so bad!  Especially not when I pretty much have the freedom to do whatever I want with it.

Anyway, I just acquainted myself with Dropbox, so I will be moving some files over to a public folder (at least the RSS file - I may store the podcasts somewhere else, depending on how much space I need to host them).

If you're new to the site and are having trouble downloading the older podcasts, this would be why.  I'm working on it :)

The RPM Challenge!

I came across this blog post from Bella Ruse talking about the February RPM Challenge.  This is sort of in the same line as National Novel Writing Month: you have 28 days to record and release a 10-song or 35 minute album.  I checked out the FAQ, and it seems that to complete the challenge you need to send a physical copy of your album to the folks at the RPM Challenge.  Kinda cool!

They ALSO have a jukebox thing on the website where you can upload your tracks for everyone to listen and enjoy.  I think that is especially cool.  I like the idea behind this challenge because it's a little more immediate than writing a novel.  Anyway, all rights remain in the hands of the artists, so if you want to do this and were afraid of what happens to any original music you may record for the project - don't worry, it's all yours.

I'm going to keep tabs on this project, and hope that at least some of it gets released via Creative Commons.  Good luck to all participants!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Music: Oh! Canada Volume 14

I caught wind of this last week from a NXEW (North by East West) tweet.  Some British blog posts compilation albums of cool Canadian music for Brits, I guess to showcase our stuff?  Anyway it's full of fairly good music.  It's called Oh! Canada Volume 14.  Grab the link from the NXEW website.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Release Tuesday

T for Tuesday!
 Does anybody know why Tuesday is the designated New Release day for music and movies?  I know it's been that way for quite a long time, but I sometimes think it's a bit of an odd day.  Why not Mondays?

Regardless, I found a couple of new releases to highlight today from some net labels.  As they are licensed via Creative Commons, they are free to download and distribute as you see fit.

First up, we have Joey Ripps' Son of 1,000 Pardons (BlocSonic).  The first single from this album, "For the Minute", was released last Tuesday in advance of the entire album and I thought it was a fairly good hip hop track.  Not surprisingly, that's what you'll find with this release - 15 tracks of solid hip hop.

Jetting over to Gothamburg, Sweden,  23 Seconds has put out something a little different.  Azoora has a new album out, and it's an instrumental "Indie / Post-rock / Trip-hop" album, Instrumentals Vol 1.  What's particularly cool about this is that the CC license allows specifically for remixes, so hopefully that means some cool new sounds will come out of this album later on this year.  The release page promises a full-length summer 2011 release, but you can check out the back catalog if you're interested in hearing what their "normal" sound is like.

That's all I've tracked down so far, but if I find any other new releases this week worth mentioning I'll make more posts, as always.  Well, "as always" meaning "since I started posting regularly again".

(Image pilfered from Flickr: