Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Derek Clegg album

Last year, Derek Clegg released an album that I quite enjoyed (KJC), so I was happy to learn he's got something new out this year as well.  It's a nice solo album with various instruments, and is just as good as KJC.  There's also a hint of country in there, which is good news if I ever want to do a country-only podcast (which I do).

To be honest though, this isn't a "listen anytime" type of album - it's a little on the slow side.  That said, there are definitely some upbeat tunes on this album that are pretty good for a "listen anytime" playlist.  I still recommend the album even though sometimes it can sound like a bit of a downer (though the lyrics suggest otherwise).

You can download the new album, Beautiful World, from his Bandcamp website.

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