Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music for Treeplanters

Okay - this isn't a new album - sorry about that.  But it is pretty cool!  I was browsing the Free Music Archive last night and found this gem in the Bluegrass section: "Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees".  According to the description, it's a 2008 compilation by Peppermill Records "done by treeplanters, about treeplanting".

There are two "discs" in this compilation, which includes a very wide range of artists (including, to my pleasant surprise, The Be Good Tanyas).  There's a wide range of styles captured in this compilation, including a lot of bluegrass.  I particularly recommend The Gruff's "General Store".  Well worth the download!

So, you know, in case you were going to plant trees any time soon - this is the album for you.

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