Saturday, June 11, 2011

#28 - The 27th Non-Themed Show

Thanks for joining me for another fun-filled show.  Some great tracks, ranging from the 1970s (Single Bullet Theory) to a new track from 2011 (Josh Woodward).  I started the show a little differently today thanks to a fun song by Hot Fiction; I also announced the next themed podcast, coming up June 25th.  But it's still June 11th, so enjoy this podcast now!

  1. Hot Fiction - Start it Off
  2. Boxing Fox - Friends For Life
  3. Single Bullet Theory - Lies (Get their compilation album here)
  4. Nicolas Falcon - Big Big Boss (Get the Aaahhh Records compilation here)
  5. Longsleeves - A Man Crossed Out
  6. The Patinettes - The Man With the Electric Flag
  7. Motoroma - Compass
  8. The State Lottery - Fourth Street
  9. Josh Woodward - Coffee (Get Sunny Side of the Street here)

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