Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog'd Music Friday

Hey, it's another Friday.  Excellent.  That means that I have a long weekend to enjoy!  But first, here's what's been going on around the blogs this week.

  • FrostClick recommends an electronic-heavy pop/rock mix from Equals Conquest called "Rummager".  It's an interesting album - I'm not sure if all of it is my cup of tea, but there are some good songs in there to be sure.  About the only thing that is uniform across all tracks is the heavy electronic element.
  • Another new release from BlocSonic.  This time, it's a hip hop outing laced with funk from The Honorable Sleaze called "This Funk".  Definitely worth checking out - Michael Gregoire always releases high-quality hip hop, and this is no different.
  • Over at CBC Radio 3, on the music notes for July 27th 2011, there's a link to a Hot Hot Heat cover of Amy Winehouse's Rehab.  There's also a link to a new Shad song called "Fearless".
  • Moving along to HeroHill, the boys there bring us back some more electronic music with a track from Whale Skin.  "Lady" is a pretty sweet track and you can download it free from bandcamp.  Note: This is not a creative commons licensed track.
Therer are a few more, but those are the only ones I've listened to.  I'll save 'em for next Friday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#31 - The Dog Days of Summer

""Dog Days" (Latindiēs caniculārēs) are the hottest, most sultry days of summer.  Dog Days can also define a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant, or marked by dull lack of progress. The name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, in close proximity to the sun was responsible for the hot weather." -- Wikipedia

Your eyes are not lying! I'm going away this weekend, so I thought I would release the podcast a few days early.  It's a little long this time around, but since it's been three weeks since the last episode, I figured nobody will mind!  Some great music in there, starting off hard and fast and ending on a similarly strong note.  Except for one or two songs, everything in the podcast has been featured on the blog in the last three weeks.

 - Length: 46:02

  1. Prepare to Meet Thy Broom! - High Like it's 1989 - This song is one of the many awesome funky songs I found last Thursday.  That mixtape is still on its way.
  2. MC Frontalot - Spoiler Alert - I really mentioned the infamous MC in passing, but I haven't ever featured his songs on the podcast so I thought it was about time.
  3. Hot Fiction - War of Attrition - Awesome band, played them before - this song just fit perfectly for the set.
  4. The White Soots - If I Go - great bluesy rock band that sometimes channels The Black Keys
  5. The Polymorphines - The Clean and The Dirty - Great Ottawa band that is having a CD Release party this Saturday!  Go, if you can make it.  Details are here. *NOTE: I may have mentioned the EP is for free download.  It is not; it is however only $4 US! Very good price.
  6. The Search - Distant - awesome song, really reminded me of the 80s when I heard it.  The rest of their album is much like this.
  7. Ellus Bellus - Sticks, Stones and My Bones - I think this band has just about the best band name and the best album name on this entire podcast.
  8. Gunther Brown - Minnesota - If I'm to believe the lyrics, Gunther Brown really don't like Minnesota.
  9. Bella Ruse - Heart of Everyone - Played them simply because they're from Minnesota.
  10. Not From Georgia - Caroline - Great band, plays catchy folk/pop music and licenses everything under Creative Commons.  Followed me on Twitter, so I checked 'em out.
  11. These Animals - Four to the Floor - Great song at the end of their EP, it's also up for a remix contest of sorts at Aaahh Records.
Thanks for listening / downloading!  I hope you enjoy your own dog days of summer.

Weekly Airwave #10 :: Dan Mangan : Robots (Live @ CBC Radio 3)

Original Air Date: Tuesday July 26, 2011

Artist: Dan Mangan
Track: Robots
Album: Live @ CBC Radio 3 / Roboteering EP
Genre: Roots/Pop

Direct Download (4.9 MB)

Info in Brief: Dan Mangan is a really great singer/songwriter that dosen't usually release tracks via creative commons, but has a few live performances up at Free Music Archive.  There are actually a lot of Canadian indie artists over there, as CBC Radio 3 is one of the many curators.  There's a lot of great stuff to be found.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CBC3 Asks: Do Reviews Matter?

I've been trying to read more music blogs lately in order to improve my own writing, and one of the blogs that I find consistently good is the one run by CBC Radio 3.  It's well-written, and the authors (most of the time they're the on-air hosts) have a good read on the pulse of the music world.  In a recent blog, guest host Louise Burns asked an interesting question: Do reviews matter?  The question was asked in the context of music reviews, to be accurate.

It's an interesting question because I find myself in two camps.  On the one side, I barely pay attention to music reviews.  Often my 'buy impulse' is triggered when I hear a particular song by that artist, and I don't really look beyond my own opinion to see whether the album is any good or not.  I don't read a lot of reviews, so I don't "know" the reviewer or what they like.  If I do consult a review, it'll likely be a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend.

On the other side, I am constantly sifting through reviews of independently released music (licensed by Creative Commons) to find genuinely good music to recommend on the blog and play in the podcast.  I often try to write my own reviews of that same music, which means what you read is usually filtered through someone else before you hear about it from me.

Since I'm trying to discover more music on my own without the help of other music blogs, I'm relying less and less on these very music reviews - only to write my own recommendations for you to read.  This presents a bit of a dilemma - while I eschew reviews, I expect you to read mine.  So, do reviews matter?

Yes and no.  I think there's definitely a place for reviews, but at the same time, discovering music is up to personal taste, and no review can determine whether you will like the music.  The best you can do is subscribe to music review blogs and magazines that cater to your general personal taste - but even then, there's no guarantee you'll hit a home run every time.


*phew* that was a mouthful.  Okay, don't forget that today between 1pm and 2pm the Weekly Airwave will air on CKCU FM during Audio Sensory Resuscitation!  Listen on the radio if you're in the Ottawa area at 93.1 FM, or online everywhere else.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cooking with Not From Georgia

Not From Georgia - Love & Umbrella
Not too long ago, indie-pop band Not From Georgia followed me on Twitter.  Their description mentioned specifically that they play CC-licensed music - definitely an eye-catcher.  Let this be a lesson to you: if you make it easily known that you license your music via Creative Commons, I will make sure I pay attention to you.

Moving along; I put 'em straight onto my ipod the first chance I could get.  I listened to them at some point in the weekend but gave them a more attentive listen while I was cooking dinner.  I would love for this post to be something along the lines of the Breakfast Club over at CBC Radio 3, but alas, I am not that well connected.  No, I was merely cooking dinner, and needed some backgroud music.  If you're interested, the dinner menu was sausages cooked on the BBQ, along with simple boiled potatoes.  Nothing fancy, but I can assure you it was well-enjoyed.

So was Not From Georgia.  They play an indie-pop kind of sound, with a mix of rock in there for good measure (song "Horseback Rider" from their latest album Love & Umbrella being a prime example).  For the most part the songs are well-paced and bouncy (that is literally the word I wrote in my notebook), with some slower paced songs if that's more your fancy.

Only one other note here in my notebook; that the song "Caroline" has a Return of the Jedi victory song vibe going for it (not in a bad way).

You can download Love & Umbrella for free, or put down a bit of money and buy the limited edition CD version and have it shipped to you.  All of that is possible from their Bandcamp website.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Free Music Blogosphere Friday

I've been talking about increasing the quality of my posts (or at least, the originality) for the past week in a number of places (no need to link to them), and this is one of my attempts at offering up fresh content not seen on any other blog.  By linking other blogs.

Hear me out on this one.  More often than not, my posts are simply links to music picked up by places like Free Albums Galore or FrostClick.  Fine blogs to be sure, and they certainly highlight some great music.  But what's the point of talking about them if you've already read about them?  To hear my take?  I don't think people are interested in that.  My solution is the Free Music Blogosphere Friday (it's not completely alliterative, but it'll do); a day where I can provide a one-paragraph write-up of music the other blogs have already talked about in the past week.  The other days will be split between my own discoveries and the Weekly Airwave.  I think it sounds like a good plan.

First up: The White Soots - The White Soots (2010 / Independant) :: Free Albums Galore posted this link this past Wednesday, comparing The White Soots to bands such as The Black Keys, Kyle Byrum, The White Stripes, Jimi Hendrix, and so on and so forth.  These comparisons are pretty apt, especially The Black Keys.  This is some solid, blues-y hard rock.  If it weren't for Skratch Bastid's mixtape that Herohill linked to yesterday, I'd call this my favourite find of the week.

Speaking of Skratch Bastid's mixtape, go get it - it's pretty awesome.  That's really all I have to say about it.

Album the Second: Gunther Brown - Gunther Brown (2011 / Independant) :: Originally posted at FrostClick, I deliberately chose not to read anything about the band prior to listening to the album.  One of the things I struggle with is identifying what kind of genre music falls into, so I didn't want to get any opinions dipping into my brain.  On an initial listen, this is some great roots/folk music.  It's tagged at Jamendo as "Americana" as well.  The lead vocals are pretty much a match for southern rock too - rough but still a little melodic.  Good addition to any library.  Note: I couldn't find information on their label so I assume they're independantly released.  Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

I'll stop counting: Ellus Bellus - Sticks, Stones & My Bones (2011 / Independant) :: Charming band name AND album title, this link comes from FrostClick yet again.  Ellus Bellus is a couple of guys from Chicago creating some neat indie pop.  Once again I can't find label information, so if you know what it is - let me know! EDIT: I've been informed by Ellus Bellus that there is a space between their name. Fixed! :)

Sarah Fimm - Near Infinite Possibility (2011 / Independant) :: Didn't listen to this one apart from one track, "Yellow", but the album has some promise.  Sounds a bit like Evanescence on a first listen.  You can get more info from FrostClick.

I think that's all I have for this afternoon.  I know for a fact there will be plenty more coming next Friday, so be on the lookout for that!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Break Out The Funk Thursday

For lack of a catchy alliterative title (that I could have easily saved for Friday), I present to you Break Out The Funk Thursday.  Everybody loves funk music; no matter what decade it was produced in, it reminds us of the 70s - and everybody loves the 70s.  Therefore, everybody loves funk music.  Nobody correct me on that.

This is my attempt at putting together more unique content for the blog.  Make no bones about it: I am blatantly trying to keep your attention so that you don't wander off somewhere else before the next podcast arrives (which won't be until next weekend).  And I already established that everybody loves some good funk music, so I decided to hit up the Free Music Archive to see what was offered.  I sorted by "Most Interesting" and here's what I found for this Thursday playlist.

To reduce confusion, here's how I'm writing the songs: Artist - "Song Title" (Album, Year / Label).  Links go in that order too.

Patrick Lee - "Quittin' Time" (The Last Thing, 2010 / Bad Panda Records)
If you're going to release a funk tune, you better have some great song titles, and "Quittin' Time" fits the bill for me.  More info after listening again.

Juanitos - "Soul Africa" (Soul Africa, 2010 / Independant)
Pure funk; the lyrics aren't the deepest in the world, but since when is funk deep?  The guitars - especially the bass - are delicious, and has just the right kind of percussion thrown in.  Beautiful track.  The Juanitos hail from Chambry, France (a country I've come to know as reknown for reggae and funk), and have been around since 1991.

Juanitos - "Black Samba" (Soul Africa, 2010 / Indpendant)
I had to put in this track - probably the only artist to deserve double-billing - because of the organ on the track.  Some great work in there.

James Curd - "Back Off Move Away (Treasure Fingers Remix)" (James Curd - Greenskeepers - Ziggy Franklin - Studio 11 Sampler, 2011 / Studio 11 Chicago)
They make it on today's playlist simply for being different.  "Back Off" still has plenty of funk elements (else, why would it be here?) but it is also deeply rooted in the pop/house music scene.  It blends the two worlds very well, and the bass line is nice and thick.

Pierlo - "Barbarian" (Olivetti Prodest, 2010 / UpitUp Records)
A case of an odd one out, this is more of a showcase of electronica than of funk - but I think you can appreciate the funk-laced beats in this enough to include it in the playlist.  This electronic artist is from Rome, Italy!

Mystic Morrison Visions - "Impressive" (Fuzzy Set, 2010 / Accessory Takes)
While most of the songs on Fuzzy Set seem to be more jazz-laden, "Impressive" has more of a funk twinge to it.  It still is more freeform jazz than traditional funk, I still liked the sound of it.  So here it is.  Also, these guys are from Russia...might explain a few things, maybe.

Javelin - "On It On It" (Javelin Live @ KEXP 5/3/2010, 2010 / KEXP)
I'm calling this one "video game funk" - it's a faster beat than everything else on the playlist, and it has some interesting sounds that seem like they're straight out of a video game.  Javelin is a duo (with friends) out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Prepare to Meet Thy Broom! - "High Like it's 1989" (This is the New Yeah! / lalala4e)
Easily my favourite track from the bunch, if you don't recognize the song sampled here then I don't know what's wrong with you.  Just in case you don't recognize it, it's Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches and Herb.  Prepare to Meet Thy Broom! is a duo from Mexico - it's two brothers, Timmy (18 years old) and Kevin (14 years old); apparently they only use a MIDI keyboard and laptop to make their music.

Stanton Moore Trio - "Pie Eyed Manc" (Live at KEXP, 2010 / KEXP)
Neat little instrumental number, tons of funk oozing from this track.  That's right, I said oozing.  The eponymous trio is from New Orleans, and you can tell from the sound.  Very enjoyable.  I think if I can find more tracks like this from New Orleans, it may be enough for a special podcast episode.

Jimmy Cousins - "Living Proof" (Crime Spree & the C.S.C. / Mass Dist)
I really like the voice on Jimmy Cousins.  He has a real primal scream and some smooth funk grooves to back it up.  From what I gather he's originally from New Orleans, moved to Philly, and is now somewhere on the east coast.  I'll take that as "another New Orleans native for a special podcast".

Smoked Meat Fax Machine - "The Waste" (Slums of Heaven, 2009 / Ancient Robot)
With a name like Smoked Meat Fax Machine, would you pass up putting them on any playlist?  Luckily their sound is sort of a distorted funk - almost punk-like - and fits with this playlist.  SMFM (my acronym) is actually John Constantinides.  By the way, isn't Ancient Robot a cool name for a label?  They're based in Montreal!  I'm going to have to keep tabs on this label.

Ex-Friendly - "Simply Bootieful" (Best of Breitband Vol. 3 / Breitband)
Oh man.  This song is just exquisite.  It's slow, it's soulful, and just listen to that full bass.  It totally sounds like it's out of the 70s.  I can't find much info on Ex-Friendly, and it looks like Breitband is a German netlabel - but if the rest of their music is like this, then go download it now!

Tha Silent Partner - "Billy (Starsky Instrumental)" (Starsky (Featuring Seti AKA K9), 2010 / Blocsonic)
This one is not exactly funk, but gives off an ambient 50's music quality.  I thought it was a fitting track to put at the end of the playlist.

I really like the songs on this list.  I think I'm going to create an actual mix (songs may appear in an order other than that given) out of this and put it online.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly Airwave #9 :: The Hammerheads: In the Land of the Super Freaks

Normally I've been uploading everything to but I forgot I was busy last night so it'll have to wait until a little later tonight.  But here it is, regardless!  Enjoy!

Artist: The Hammerheads
Track: In the Land of the Super Freaks
Album: The Hammerheads
Genre: Funk

Direct Download (5.49 MB)

Info in brief: The Hammerheads are a funk outfit based in Ottawa, and have been around since (I believe) the late 1990's.  I don't believe they're still in the music business, but they put together some very groovy funk that is fun to listen to.  You can get three free downloads from their website, as well as stream the entire album (with Real Audio, FYI).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

These Animals...are pretty great!

I'm a little late boarding the bus on this one; released by Aaahh Records June 30th, 2011, These Animals have put together a really nice self-titled pop EP.

These Animals are from New York City, so I imagine that their location is a fairly big influence on their music.  Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with other bands from NYC apart from InAshton, though their musical style is actually quite similar.  I'm going to say that is no coincidence.

A little bit more about These Animals, courtesy of the write-up on Aaahh Records: as mentioned, they're a quartet from New York City.  Apparently, they met at an art school, having played in several different bands.  These Animals is somewhat of a "supergroup" put together from all these other bands.

And what's more, Aaahh Recodrs and These Animals have offered up tracks for you to remix!  Well, specifically one song - "Four to the Floor".  You can get more information here, and also on the Aaahh Records remix section.

Also, don't forget that the Weekly Airwave will be airing between 1pm and 2pm on CKCU FM during Audio Sensory Resuscitation!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Non Music Related Post

I haven't done one of these self-referential pity-inducing posts in a while, so in the absence of having anything prepared, here goes!  Actually, this isn't meant to induce any kind of pity, I just thought that sounded fairly good.

As you know, Alternative Airwaves - the podcast - is on a special summer schedule; I neglected to mention one very important reason for this when I recorded the last podcast: I'm moving to a new house September 1st.  Obviously I will be very busy packing things and not really spending much time sitting at a desk recording a podcast (and yet, I still plan on getting those Weekly Airwaves in - I promise to try!).

There's more of a point to this post.  I thought briefly about posting behind-the-scenes photos of the studio over at the Facebook page.  I took some, but then I reailzed that I am going to have to take the studio apart and it will quickly no longer look like the pictures I snapped.  So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to put these photos into a Flickr set and document the deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction of the Alternative Airwaves studio.

This is going to be an on-going process, as I plan to make improvements to the way I do things over here at Alternative Airwaves.  I'll try to get the initial photos that I took last week online very soon.  Once again, I'm posting them over at the Facebook page, so if you're not a fan yet - why not?  You're missing out on so much.  Well, not really - but it would make me feel better about myself.

Also in the coming weeks, I'm going to migrate older podcasts over to, and updating links on older blog posts.  I'm not 100% certain, but this may result in some repeat posts showing up in either the RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, or new iTunes episodes.  I'm not entirely sure.  Either way, I'll look at it as summer re-runs during a semi-hiatus period.  Hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Morning Hip Hop

When I woke up this morning, I didn't particularly have any post in mind to put up on the blog.  I've got a few links to free music sitting in my inbox (hey, did you maybe want to suggest some music?), but I don't really feel like listening to something new this morning.  The solution?  I realized that there's one MC I haven't posted about, but I've heard plenty of times before: MC Frontalot.

If you haven't heard of him, he is the originator of Nerdcore hip hop (or at least, that's what I hear).  He raps about computer-related stuff, and probably his song "I Hate Your Blog" is the most "mainstream" of his music.  I think.  Anyway, he sells his music but also makes it available for free, online.  I provided a link above, but the URL is

On a related note, webcomic artist Katie Sekelsky is an avid hip hop fan.  But she is also a hip hop performer, and recently linked on Google+ to a track she wrote about graphic designers - appropriately named "Graphic Design".  You can download it from ccMixter; enjoy!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sylvain the Librarian - Staff Only No Vikings Vinyl Release

Sylvain the Librarian was a Jamendo find of mine a LONG time ago (back in the early days of the podcast, when I didn't do things in a way that made much sense - though not much has changed, I suppose) that I enjoyed a lot.  His album was called Staff Only No Vikings, and was a neat pop album.  My favourite track was the lead track, Money well spnt.

Anyway, Sylvain recently let me know that the album was getting a re-release treatment on vinyl, courtesy of Dymaxion Groove.  On the Alternative Airwaves Facebook page, Sylvain clarified what was done with the new album: "there's a bonus track, three tracks have been touched up (including Daddy Play) and the whole thing has been remastered. Cheers!"  So, it sounds very cool.  Had I a vinyl player, I would probably try to pick this up.  It's only $23.00 (plus s&h, I can only assume).

You can buy the album from Dymaxion Groove, where you can also give it a preview.  The other cool thing about it is that the record is "Clear with a blue haze to the center, it matches the beautiful cover illustration by Thibault Cabanas."  That artwork is pretty great, by the way - here, why don't I include it in the blog post then?

There's also a new video for Money well spnt to go along with this release; you can go to it directly via Vimeo, or stream it here!

Sylvain the Librarian - money well spnt from Dymaxion Groove on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekly Airwave #8 :: Paul and Storm: The Captain's Wife's Lament

Original Air Date: Tuesday July 12, 2011
Artist: Paul and Storm
Track: The Captain's Wife's Lament
Album: Gumbo Pants
Genre: Comedy

Direct Download (4MB)

Info in Brief: Comedy duo Paul and Storm sing about a wide variety of funny things, and word play is among their biggest strengths.  They are good friends with Wil Wheaton, performing at w00tstock (look it up) several times.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Links - July 12, 2011

Searching through my inbox, I didn't hear anything that really jumped out as deserving a full post in itself; however I did find some music that was still worthy of being heard.  Oh, by the way - don't forget that the Weekly Airwave will be airing during Audio Sensory Resuscitation, heard on CKCU FM between 1p-2p.  You can listen online at

  • First up, The Larsens Lupins - Heaven is Worse.  The write-up by FrostClick heaps a little more praise on these guys than I would, but the music is still good.  It's rock n' roll inspired by the 60s and 70s, with a little bit of rockabilly in there.  Worth checking out.
  • Waiting in Vain - Awake Again EP.  This one came to me courtesy of afmusic, a German netlabel (they release quite a wide range of music genres).  I'd describe Awake Again as Industrial/Electro Rock.  The EP is actually quite short, comprising of two original tracks and five remixes of the title track, "Awake Again".  Interesting listen, it's definitely different.
  • One more from afmusic.  This time it's Swedish group The Search - and did I mention that afmusic releases a lot of different genres?  The album I picked out wasn't their latest compilation album, but their 2008 effort Saturnine Songs.  This is pure pop at its best, really.  Actually, parts of it almost reminds me of a light 80s pop sound.  Great album - check it out the next chance you get.
That's all for today.  I'm going to save a few of my leftover links for full posts in the next few days.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

#30 - Summertime

Alternative Airwaves is now hosted on!  Eventually I'll be porting all the older podcasts over there so they can all be found in one spot.  Here's the original post for the podcast.

Hopefully the fan I had on to cool down the "studio" didn't cause too much background noise. I had a fun time putting together this playlist, and listening as I recorded. I guess if you read the track listing, the "secret cover song" won't be so secret!

Playlist (38:30):
  1. Keyboard Rebel - Northern Sherpa - From the album Pop Grenade, available from Aaahh Records. 
  2. The Laureates - Cooler Birds - Cool Chicago band that uses a lot of distortion; available at Free Music Archive
  3. Silver Rocket - Crank it Up - Italian band on a German netlabel - talk about multiculturalism! Available at Free Music Archive 
  4. Mouth's Cradle - Front Porch, Back Porch - 7-track free preview album released via FrostWire; full album available online.  Very good music, you should download it maybe.
  5. Early Adopted - Thank-You - First heard of this group via FrostClick. Very good hip hop, cross between Eminem and Lupe Fiasco.
  6. Tense Kids Second Law - From the album Oh! Idaho, this is a fun little number.
  7. Roar - I Can't Handle Change
  8. Allison Crowe - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [Eurythmics Cover] - Allison Crowe has done a number of covers, and her version of Hallelujah almost made it into The Watchmen.  Do a quick search on YouTube to find more.
  9. Videogame Orchestra - Island in the Sun (Belmont's Revisal) - This track is from a Weezer tribute album with a twist - all songs are done using 8-bit sounds from various video games.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Early Adopted :: Let's Be Honest

Because I don't offer up enough hip hop music, I present to you: Early Adopted's Let's Be Honest.

Before we get into it, let's have a look at their Discography.

Let's Be Honest (July 2009)
I'll Eat You Up (The Mixtape) (May 2010)
The Move In (Dec 2010)
73 Hours (Feb 2011)

This is a very good introduction to Early Adopted.  It's my introduction, actually.  I haven't heard any of the newer stuff, though now I definitely want to check it out.  Let's Be Honest sounds like a thoughtful, well-produced hip hop album.  It's certainly a unique album, and not a rehash of what everyone else has done in the world of hip hop.

Who do they sound like?  For the most part, I'd say they're closest to Eminem in terms of voice - but in every other term, that's where the comparison stops in my opinion.  After listening through to the album, I think my favourite track is the last one - "Thank-You".  For lack of a better word, it's a very sweet song.

Some info about Early Adopted: The group is based in Wareham/Salem, Massachusetts, and have been together since 2007 (or at least, have been on Myspace since then).  They're signed to Crow's Nest Records, which seems to only have a functional Myspace website - their official URL is under construction from the looks of things.

You can follow Early Adopted on Twitter; they're @EarlyAdopted.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Laureates: No Kontrol

The Laureates are a great-sounding rock group from Chicago.  Their sound is probably best described as Indie/Alternative, or maybe Indie Rock.  They're actually almost Sloan-like in their instrumentation, which is also quite good.  The group has been active since 2005, but - unfortunately for me - this is the first I've heard of them.

They have a new album out called No Kontrol, available for free over at the Free Music Archive.  I discovered them via FrostClick, whose description is a little more flowery than mine.  That's okay - I've already admitted I'm terrible at writing up music reviews.  Moving on, No Kontrol is a 5-track EP and runs just over 18 minutes.  Short and sweet, it's got the cool indie rock vibe I mentioned earlier, but also some punk influences.

I decided to see what else they have available, and saw that on FMA they have a live recording with WFMU's Evan "Funk" Davies Show, recorded back in April 2010.  It features some of the songs found on the No Kontrol EP, but the live performance gives some of the songs a slightly different edge.  You can get that live performance from Free Music Archive, or stream it from the blog, as I've conveniently embedded it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekly Airwave #7 :: Mouth's Cradle: Honey From a Stone

Alternative Airwaves audio now hosted on!  See the corresponding page here:

Original Air Date: N/A
Artist: Mouth's Cradle
Track: Honey From a Stone
Album: The Next Big Thing
Genre: Alternative / Hip Hop

Direct Download (4MB)

Info in Brief: Mouth's Cradle is a duo that produces some high-energy music, mixing between alternative and hip hop sounds. Mouth's Cradle has teamed up with FrostWire to offer a free 7-track preview of The Next Big Thing, and is available via BitTorrent.

I thought I'd release this a little early - I had a not-so-great start to my Wednesday morning, so maybe this'll turn it around.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Silver Rocket - Silver Rocket EP

How about some cool punk music from Italy?  That's what you get with Silver Rocket and their eponymous EP.  They've also got a bit of a surf twinge in their music too, if you're into that kind of thing.

The album is released by netlabel afmusic, which is based in Germany.  Interestingly, Silver Rocket comes under some flak from fellow Italians for singing in English, according to FrostClick.  I think that's a pretty silly thing to criticize someone for, but hey - I'm not Italian.

Silver Rocket is available for free download from a number of sources, all of which you can get from the FrostClick page I linked to above.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I've had far too much fun doing nothing all day today - so here's a link of a fantastic Canadian singer covering a fantastic Canadian song.