Saturday, July 9, 2011

#30 - Summertime

Alternative Airwaves is now hosted on!  Eventually I'll be porting all the older podcasts over there so they can all be found in one spot.  Here's the original post for the podcast.

Hopefully the fan I had on to cool down the "studio" didn't cause too much background noise. I had a fun time putting together this playlist, and listening as I recorded. I guess if you read the track listing, the "secret cover song" won't be so secret!

Playlist (38:30):
  1. Keyboard Rebel - Northern Sherpa - From the album Pop Grenade, available from Aaahh Records. 
  2. The Laureates - Cooler Birds - Cool Chicago band that uses a lot of distortion; available at Free Music Archive
  3. Silver Rocket - Crank it Up - Italian band on a German netlabel - talk about multiculturalism! Available at Free Music Archive 
  4. Mouth's Cradle - Front Porch, Back Porch - 7-track free preview album released via FrostWire; full album available online.  Very good music, you should download it maybe.
  5. Early Adopted - Thank-You - First heard of this group via FrostClick. Very good hip hop, cross between Eminem and Lupe Fiasco.
  6. Tense Kids Second Law - From the album Oh! Idaho, this is a fun little number.
  7. Roar - I Can't Handle Change
  8. Allison Crowe - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [Eurythmics Cover] - Allison Crowe has done a number of covers, and her version of Hallelujah almost made it into The Watchmen.  Do a quick search on YouTube to find more.
  9. Videogame Orchestra - Island in the Sun (Belmont's Revisal) - This track is from a Weezer tribute album with a twist - all songs are done using 8-bit sounds from various video games.

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