Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly Airwave #9 :: The Hammerheads: In the Land of the Super Freaks

Normally I've been uploading everything to but I forgot I was busy last night so it'll have to wait until a little later tonight.  But here it is, regardless!  Enjoy!

Artist: The Hammerheads
Track: In the Land of the Super Freaks
Album: The Hammerheads
Genre: Funk

Direct Download (5.49 MB)

Info in brief: The Hammerheads are a funk outfit based in Ottawa, and have been around since (I believe) the late 1990's.  I don't believe they're still in the music business, but they put together some very groovy funk that is fun to listen to.  You can get three free downloads from their website, as well as stream the entire album (with Real Audio, FYI).

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