Saturday, November 5, 2011

#36 - New Hip Hop and New Features

Podcast 36 features lots of new hip hop, plus a new feature debuting!  It's called "Five Minutes On" and this week is reviewing His Girl Friday (1940).  Plus there's a new theme (based on TenPenny Joke's song "Sense"), and a few new elements thrown in that may or may not have come across properly.  At any rate, I fixed the microphone problem from #35.  Here's the playlist!

Kellee Maize - Mad Humans (Integration)

Garmisch - Rent (The EPs XE) [4:04]

BADLUCK - Got Hits (Renaissance 2011) [7:15]

Praverb the Wyse - Everlasting Struggle (The Professional Hobbyist) [9:43]
Go to Praverb's website to pick your favourite song from Professional Hobbyist!

The Bear Season - Trainwreck (If We Sink Together EP) [14:41]

Bearstronaut - Sensual Sanctuary (Satisfied Violence)[18:15]

Five Minutes On: His Girl Friday (1940) [23:58]

Lorenzo's Music - Intro (Solamentes Tres Polabras) [29:02]
Lorenzo's Music - I'm Doin' Fine (Solamentes Tres Polabras) [29:23]

The Bear Season - Just Dance [34:03]

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