Saturday, December 17, 2011

#39 - The Penultimate Edition

Penultimate in the sense that this is the second-last podcast for 2011!  I have some new tracks from 2011 (plus one FROM THE FUTURE aka January 2012 release from AF Music), and some more favourites from 2011 podcasts.  I'm still undecided re: what to do for the December 31st podcast, but I have a couple of weeks to figure that out.  Here's the playlist!

  1. The Ugly Club - Visions Part II (Visions of a Tall Girl EP)
  2. Fine Young Firecrackers - Landslide (From the Ground Up)
  3. Tin Armor - Just So I Know It (Life of Abundance)
  4. The Julys - Springsteen (The Julys)
  5. The White Soots - If I Go (The White Soots)
  6. Hot Fiction - Start it Off (Dark Room)
  7. Sick of Sarah - Overexposure (2205)
  8. When I Was 12 - Vanilla Vodka
  9. Swear and Shake - The Promise (Extended Play)
  10. Silver Rocket - That's Life (Frank Sinatra Cover - Old Fashioned, 2012 Release)

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