Friday, October 26, 2012

#61 - Audio Magazine

I'm trying something different with today's podcast - an audio magazine of sorts!  I'd like to be a little more informative, or at least different, instead of being just a podcast that plays a bunch of music.  So my idea with this is to draw back on the music a little and focus on other things...which right now is not much.  But one step at a time!  In today's episode, a look at the short film Blinky and Hot Fiction's latest album, Apply Within.

Blinky - Available on  See more of Ruairi Robinson's videos (including some awesome TIFF/Cadillac ads!) here:

Track Listing

Saturday, October 13, 2012

#60 - Netlabel Fall Release Showcase

It's episode #60!  It's much delayed due to some technical issues, but is finally here.  In this week's episode, I've gathered up some of the newest releases from various netlabels, including brand new label Rhinosaur Records!

Creative Commons recommendation:

  • I Am Not Lefthanded - Falls to Me (Rhinosaur Records)
  • Fat Baby Panda - Butterflies (Rhinosaur Records)
  • The Crayon Set - I Wanted You (Rhinosaur Records)
  • C-Doc ft. DJ Def Chad - Far Gone (Blocsonic)
  • Frenic - The Tumen Horsemen (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
  • Chuck Morgan - Yearbook (Aaahh Records)
  • Tiny Boys - Persian Punk (afmusic)