Saturday, March 23, 2013

#68 - 60 Minutes

I'm back after a month-long absence with a new 60-minute format!  Plenty of new music this week, as well as a couple of older tracks.  No unifying theme, just some great music and (hopefully) great conversation.  Topics covered include Ottawa's Home & Garden Show (check out the Sweepa!), Earth Hour, and changes to Aaahhh Records.  Playlist follows!

  1. Fall Walk Run - What is Love [Piece by Piece]
  2. Circa Vitae - Awake [Lovers EP]
  3. Daedalus' Right Eye - Dream Catcher [Daedalus' Right Eye EP]
  4. frontregen - master plan [frontregen EP]
  5. Josh Woodward - Shot Down [Single]
  6. Jens Wennberg - No Regrets [Single]
  7. mabafu - Changes [Little Boy]
  8. Grace Kelly - Ready Set Stay [Live at Scullers]
  9. Sundayers - The Carousel [Impulsos]
  10. Leslie Hunt - First Date [Your Hair is on Fire]
  11. Akashic Records - These Precious Moments
  12. The Sovereigns - No One Can Win This Fight [Pick it Up!]

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