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State of the Commons Report

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I found this report via the Free Music Archive.  It's called the State of the Commons report, and basically highlights the strives forward that we've seen for Creative Commons licensing since 2006.

The first level of the report is a pretty neat looking infograph; there are printable versions in various formats (PDF, PNG, JPG - you name it) so if you were interested in printing it off and hanging it somewhere, you could.  In it, the highlights include the increase of licenses from about 50 million in 2006 to a whopping 882 million in 2014.  That is huge!

There is also a link to the much longer, wordier report - which to date I admit I haven't read.  It looks like there is some solid information in there though, so I fully intend to read it (I am a copyright junkie, after all).  If you're at all interested in copyright and Creative Commons, I think it's in your best interests to read the full report.

Overall the Creative Commons put together a very informative, extensive report that should be shared everywhere.  Here's to even MORE licenses in 2015!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

#78 - The Road Trip Special

Not to be confused with the CBC Radio 3 Podcast Road Trip special, I've done this a couple of times in homage (read: rip off) of my favourite Canadian music podcast.  While this podcast does not feature 100% Canadian music (in fact, I think it's 0% this week!), I talk about the Trans Canada Highway and some trivia related to it.  All music today comes from - check it all out below.

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  1. Neon Bicycles - Hard Times
  2. The Freak Fandango Orchestra - We'll Save the World
  3. Quentin Hannappe - I Wanna Be
  4. NaTtA - C'est la vie
  5. In Isolation - The Wrong Girl
  6. The Morning Light - Under My Red Carpet
  7. The Heavens - Echo Serena
  8. Welcome to Ashley - Light of Love
  9. The Windy City - Games
  10. The New Economy - A New Morning
  11. JEKK - Day Free
  12. Jason Brock - Fly On (MC Jack In The Box Edit)
  13. Karmavibe - Candy From Strangers
  14. Sam Brown - Who Cares

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Review: Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers - Love Wounds & Mars (2013)

Let me just start off by saying that this review has been a long time coming; Keith Morris was kind enough to send a CD to me a few months back, which I received and have listened to on a few occasions.  I promised to write a review, but have not been able to do so until now (for various reasons).  Can I also mention I'm terrible at writing reviews "like a pro"?

Putting that aside, Love Wounds & Mars (2013, Mista Boo Music, Inc) by Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers can be classified primarily as a country rock album.  However, there's too much going on with this album that it's not fair to lump it into one sole category.

There are actually a number of different influences showing through when you go down the track list.  Like I said, predominantly this is a country-rock album - but there's also some straight country, some blues, some jazz, and some rock.  There are also some occasions of call and answer in there, which I really like.

The lyrics are also quite thoughtful and tell some great stories.  Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers definitely had some fun putting this album together, and it shows.  I think if you give the CD a listen, you'll find something on there that will keep you coming back.  For me, it was the third track - Leora Brown.  Every now and then I hear the blues-y based chorus going through my head and I have to just cue it up and listen through.

I highly recommend Love Wounds & Mars - you won't regret picking it up.  Expect to hear some of his tracks on upcoming episodes of Alternative Airwaves.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

#76 - The Workout Podcast

Drawing direct inspiration from CBC Radio 3's Sweatin' To the Indies, I present to you The Workout Podcast - Creative Commons version!  I think I've attempted this before, but this time around the music is a lot better and I did my best to edit the music together so that it flows.  Minimal interruption from the sound of my voice, wall-to-wall music...this podcast should help you when you need some high energy music during your work-out.  The full playlist is below - including download links where possible in case you want to check it out.  Thanks for listening!

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  1. Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous
  2. Emerald Park - At the Mall
  3. Soda Yells - You've Got Gasoline In Your Throat
  4. The Dark Colours Since 1685 - The Preacher Don't Care
  5. MoOt - I Feel Free
  6. Chubby Checker - Move It
  7. Fhernando - Can't Wait for Disco
  8. Professor Kliq - Bust That Bust This
  9. Girl Talk - Give Me a Beat
  10. Marauders - Don't Take Your Love
  11. Mrpontusbogren - Sisters & Brothers
  12. Major Major - Blind
  13. KingSizeNine - Come and Go
  14. Fresh Body Shop - Fruit of a Bad Tree
  15. GYAKO - World
  16. Catrao - Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand
  17. ProleteR - It Don't Mean a Thing
  18. Dirty Venus - Bang Bang
  19. 10 Code - Superman's Cape
  20. SINGLETON - Get Out Of My Mind
  21. The Appreciation Post - I'm No Sure Thing

Saturday, February 22, 2014

#75 - Quarter Quell Podcast ft. Kellee Maize

I made it to episode 75!  Joining me on today's podcast is special guest Mike Mersereau, who hosts the CKCU program Audio Sensory Resuscitation (currently on hiatus...will be back soon!).  Mike secured an interview with the one and only Kellee Maize!  Hopefully that doesn't ruin the surprise of the show for you.  Also in this podcast, the latest track from Kellee's new album, an awesome cover, and some funky technical issues in the first half.  Enjoy!

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** If you're spreading the word about the podcast (please do!), downloading via iTunes desktop client is no longer an issue!  There was a simple fix, and I fixed it.  Hooray for technology! **

Track Listing

  1. The Color and Sound - Gregory
  2. MoOt - Closer to You
  3. Staggered Crossing - Don't Get Me Started
  4. Kellee Maize - In Tune
  5. Interview with Kellee Maize!
  6. Kellee Maize - The 5th Element
  7. Ark Analog - Make Me A Mirror
  8. Brad Sucks - Waste of TV
  9. T Bird & the Breaks - No Diggity
  10. Sean Fournier - All I Ever Need
    • Head to his website to throw some money in Sean's general direction to help him produce a new album!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

#74 - A Look Back at 2013

Technically it's still January, so it's not TOO late for a look back at last year in music.  I specifically took music from Jamendo's Best of 2013 playlist, and FrostWire's Creative Commons Mixtape Vol. 4.  Some great music on both, plus a quick look ahead at the year to come.  Enjoy!

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  1. Circa Vitae - Wage War (June 2013, Lovers EP)
  2. Joe Farren - American Dream (August 2013, Open Skies)
  3. Quietly Concerned - All You Know (April 2013, Homeless)
  4. Great White Buffalo - Likely Story (May 2013, Great White Buffalo)
  5. Fall Walk Run - Do Or Die (February 2013, Piece by Piece)
  6. Floppy Dee - Swept Clean (May 2013, Single)
  7. The Color and Sound - Graves (March 2013, The Spring Tour EP)
  8. The Grammar Club - Four Fine Walls (March 2013, Biovailable)
  9. Ménage Quad - Off The Wall (October 2013, Swing Soirée)
  10. BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton - What Comes Naturally (February 2013, II)
  11. Kings of the City - Make Me Worse (August 2012, FrostWire Special)
  12. Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind - Someday Soon (April 2013, Someday Soon)
  13. Fresh Body Shop - Stainless Steel Machine (January 2014, Turn the Lights On EP)