#75 – Quarter Quell Podcast ft. Kellee Maize

I made it to episode 75!  Joining me on today’s podcast is special guest Mike Mersereau, who hosts the CKCU program Audio Sensory Resuscitation (currently on hiatus…will be back soon!).  Mike secured an interview with the one and only Kellee Maize!  Hopefully that doesn’t ruin the surprise of the show for you.  Also in this podcast, the latest track from Kellee’s new album, an awesome cover, and some funky technical issues in the first half.  Enjoy!

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** If you’re spreading the word about the podcast (please do!), downloading via iTunes desktop client is no longer an issue!  There was a simple fix, and I fixed it.  Hooray for technology! **

Track Listing

  1. The Color and Sound – Gregory
  2. MoOt – Closer to You
  3. Staggered Crossing – Don’t Get Me Started
  4. Kellee Maize – In Tune
  5. Interview with Kellee Maize!
  6. Kellee Maize – The 5th Element
  7. Ark Analog – Make Me A Mirror
  8. Brad Sucks – Waste of TV
  9. T Bird & the Breaks – No Diggity
  10. Sean Fournier – All I Ever Need
    • Head to his website to throw some money in Sean’s general direction to help him produce a new album!

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