Sunday, May 4, 2014

Review: Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers - Love Wounds & Mars (2013)

Let me just start off by saying that this review has been a long time coming; Keith Morris was kind enough to send a CD to me a few months back, which I received and have listened to on a few occasions.  I promised to write a review, but have not been able to do so until now (for various reasons).  Can I also mention I'm terrible at writing reviews "like a pro"?

Putting that aside, Love Wounds & Mars (2013, Mista Boo Music, Inc) by Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers can be classified primarily as a country rock album.  However, there's too much going on with this album that it's not fair to lump it into one sole category.

There are actually a number of different influences showing through when you go down the track list.  Like I said, predominantly this is a country-rock album - but there's also some straight country, some blues, some jazz, and some rock.  There are also some occasions of call and answer in there, which I really like.

The lyrics are also quite thoughtful and tell some great stories.  Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers definitely had some fun putting this album together, and it shows.  I think if you give the CD a listen, you'll find something on there that will keep you coming back.  For me, it was the third track - Leora Brown.  Every now and then I hear the blues-y based chorus going through my head and I have to just cue it up and listen through.

I highly recommend Love Wounds & Mars - you won't regret picking it up.  Expect to hear some of his tracks on upcoming episodes of Alternative Airwaves.