Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekly Airwave # 43 // Emerald Park - Graduation Failed

Emerald Park are an indie-pop outfit from Malmo, Sweden. We try to deliver bright and catchy indiepop songs and free of artifice.

That's as official a description as I could find over at Emerald Park's Bandcamp page.  I recently played a track from their latest album, GO!GO!GO!, on Podcast # 87.  I really liked the track, and the whole album, so I thought it best to include Emerald Park in the Weekly Airwave series.

I selected the song "Graduation Failed".  I thought it was a great, catchy pop tune that also sounds unique.  It definitely fits on the list of Creative Commons tracks I would regularly listen to.  I think this time around, Emerald Park did a great job in producing something that sounds at the same time familiar and reminiscent of their older work, but something new as well.

I thought of selecting the title track, but feel that it's already getting enough exposure (at over 2,600+ listens at the time of writing).

Sunday, June 28, 2015

#87 - Netlabel Day, Dragon Boats, and Chromecast

This episode is jam-packed with music, and information about the upcoming Netlabel Day, Dragon Boat racing, and other fun stuff.

Welcome to another episode of Alternative Airwaves!  This episode is jam-packed with music, and fascinating information about the upcoming Netlabel Day, Dragon Boat racing, and other fun stuff.  Most of the tracks here have been recently released, and also features a brand new track from Emerald Park!  Have a listen, and don't forget to rate on iTunes/Stitcher/However you listen to the podcast :)


  1. The Dead Rocks - Easy Job
  2. Lyonn - Empty Bed
  3. Colaars - Hurricane
  4. Prysm - Not Now
  5. Cashus - Alone
  6. Heirs to the McQueen Fortune - New Year Love
  7. The Gray Havens - Music From a Garden
  8. Manhat10 - Dance With Me
  9. Talking Machine - Can You Feel It
  10. Moon I Mean - Enough
  11. Thomas Allan - Sense In Working
  12. Funky Stereo - Funny Life
  13. Now Endeavor - AC's Not Working Right
  14. Emerald Park - LiberTeens

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekly Airwave #42 // Jasmine Jordan - Possibilities

We return to Jamendo this week with a funk-laced hip hop track from Jasmine Jordan, "Possibilities".  The track is from an album called the Time Travel EP, which was released about a month ago now.  The album itself is currently featured on the Jamendo main page, which is great exposure for any artist!

Jordan records out of Los Angeles, which should come as no surprise for an aspiring pop singer.  You can catch up with her at her website, www.jasminejordanmusic.com.

I actually had no idea what kind of music I was in for when I clicked on the album link, because I only clicked on it for the name - "Time Travel EP".  I had the suspicion that it was going to be a hip hop track, but I didn't really know for sure.  Anyway, while you're listening to Possibilities, do yourself a favour and listen to the rest of the EP.  There may or may not be a Back to the Future reference in it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekly Airwave #41 // Alabama Shakes - Hang Loose

The Weekly Airwave returns, as promised in the last episode.  It's in a different format from previous incarnations - I knew I wanted to just present the track without audio commentary, but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to make it a part of the podcast feed or just link to the track.  I decided on the latter, for various reasons which I won't go in to now.

This week's track: Hang Loose by The Alabama Shakes.  Originally from their debut album, Boys & Girls, Hang Loose is a jangly track that just puts a smile on my face.  You may be more familiar with their track, Hold On, which is probably the best on the album, but that's not saying that the rest of the album is utter crap.

Quite the opposite - Boys & Girls is a fantastic album, and they recently released a follow-up: Sound & Color.  I'm listening to it right now as I write this, and I'm pretty confident in saying that it's a definite improvement over their debut.

It pleased me to discover that the Free Music Archive had a track from the Shakes available for download; I was merely content to find an artist similar in sound.  This particular version of the track was performed live @ KEXP.  You can download it directly from the FMA here - or stream it below.  (FMA-Limited License)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

#86 - Another Baseball Episode

Inspired by another beautiful, sunny day and a 10th straight Blue Jays win (and a few hefeweizens), enjoy another episode full of great music and some baseball facts.  Unfortunately, there is still a general lack of songs about baseball in the Creative Commons world.  But there is no lack of awesome songs, and included among those are two cover songs!  Enjoy!