Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#87.5 - Vacation'd

Here's a quick podcast to tide you over!  I don't talk about very much - it's mostly about the music.

I was able to push my way through the humidity and record a half episode today - no full episode for a while because SUMMER.  I've been busy between vacations and just being busy in general with summer time activities.  So here's a quick podcast to tide you over!  I don't talk about very much - it's mostly about the music.

Don't forget to check out if you're interested in starting your own podcast, or are looking for a new podcast host!  It's an excellent service that hosts this very podcast.  You get full statistics, etc.  Right now it's free - go check it out!

I also used Spreaker to record this episode, which is its own podcast platform.  I don't intend to use it long term for Alternative Airwaves (the quality just isn't right), but will be using it for another project I want to start up (which I will also use for!).

The music (don't forget to check out the full Summer 2015 playlist from Jamendo!):

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekly Airwave # 45 // Netlabel Day 2015

I hope you all enjoyed the bonus audio in your podcast feed last week; it was an unexpected turn of events from my end, that's for sure!  This week, I don't have an individual song for you - rather, I'm shining the spotlight on Netlabel Day 2015.  I talked about it in the last podcast, but it is officially here!

Head over to the official website, or stay tuned with everything going on with their twitter account.  It looks like releases are being staggered throughout the day, so following the twitter account is the best bet to catch them as they go live.

The full list of releases can be found on their release page - I haven't counted but there has to be at least 100 original, free tracks being released today.

Expect a recap podcast in about a week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekly Airwave # 44 // Nic Falcon - Playing Fair

Blocsonic recently launched a brand new site redeisgn - I'd say two weeks ago?  In any case, if you weren't familiar with Blocsonic before (how could you not be if you follow this podcast?), it is a great netlabel that focuses on both original music and deluxe re-release editions.  Most of the artists found there will have a hip hop angle to it, but not everything; it's also home to the infamous netBloc, a compilation of various Creative Commons tracks around the Web.

Nic Falcon's Playing Fair EP was released back in March, but I missed it the first time around.  A shame, since this two-track album is pretty great.  It's more of a pop-rock sound and the title track is my favourite here.  These tracks are actually part of blocsonic's "fortyFive" series; the full listing of the series can be found here.  There are some other gems in there that will find their way to the podcast!

While you're reading, do yourself a favour and download Playing Fair!