#89 – Ugly American ft. Patrick from Make Dad Read Comics and Almost Educational

Patrick from Make Dad Read Comics (Blogspot/iTunes/Stitcher)and Almost Educational (iTunes/Stitcher/Podcast Garden) guest hosts this edition of Alternative Airwaves and brings his blend of comic books and history to the show.

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  1. Cullah – Neurosis of the Liver
  2. Fuse – No Matter How You See It
  3. Dred – Permission
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Matchin Set of Bones
  5. Devon Elizabeth – Nothing New
  6. The Bourgeois – Perverting the American Dream
  7. The Meeps – Death Ray Gun
  8. Lilly Wolf – Violence
  9. Great White Buffalo – Detroit
  10. Toussaint Morrison – Darkside Imperials

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