Thursday, April 20, 2017

#105 - Spring Mix

A short episode today, and the first in a couple of months Due To Life.  But there are some great tracks here - including some new songs featured on blocSonic!  Check out the playlist below and enjoy!

  1. VITNE - Make Believe
  2. Nicolas Falcon - Reliable Source
  3. Michael Ellis - Summer
  4. RogerThat - Beautiful Wonderful Life
  5. Timezone LaFontaine - Foolsgold
  6. Lorenzo's Music - Bags of Color
  7. BIT - Indian Head Test Pattern
  8. Dofhei Project - Kind of Light
  9. The Moose - With You
  10. Brain Purist - Curse the Day (Radio Edit)
  11. Square A Saw - Games (2nd Edit)
  12. Plastic Light Factory - Jakiteko


  1. I'm so exhilarating after listening the songs given in the list.Where did you get those? awesome work.Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting.

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