Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#106 - Classical Bend

I decided to throw in some classical music in this episode - including a piece by Gershwin!  Everything comes from Jamendo and is a good range of genres.  Enjoy!

  1. The Artisans Beats - Wonderland Hype
  2. Michael Ellis - Beth Takes a Picture
  3. Bobby, White and Brownz - Any Plans Tonight
  4. Mattia Vlad Morleo - Passando
  5. OnClassical - Debussey - Deux Arabesques
  6. OnClassical - Gershwin - Three Preludes
  7. Prooner - Price of Pleasure
  8. Neon Niteclub - Unforgettable
  9. Candids - Modern Life
  10. Black Holy Whiskey - War
  11. The June Tom Influence - No Country Song
  12. Avi Rosenfeld - Strange Love
Also check out this collection of Gershwin pieces played by Gershwin himself!  I highly recommend Rhapsody in Blue - all 13 minutes of it!  Gershwin Plays Gershwin


  1. Thanks for playing my song "Strange Love" !
    Check out more of my music:


    1. Glad to play it! I'll definitely check out your other stuff - and apologies if I didn't quite pronounce your name right! Listening back I think I may have thrown in an extra vowel...

  2. i am glad that you did add some classical music. i had been wanting to listen to it. by the way you are doing an amazing job. keep at it