Tuesday, August 15, 2017

#108 - New Tracks & No More Hiatus

A new episode filled with fantastic new tracks! From email-submitted tracks to some curated from Jamendo, there is a lot to be happy about in this episode. Download and enjoy!

Track Listing:

  1. Deer Stone - Bright Lights
  2. Rubber Clown Car - Assault & Flattery
  3. Kinematic - Peyote
  4. The Shidiots - Black Shirts & Records
  5. Kellee Maize - Crown
  6. Luck & Doc - Let's Go Brooklyn (Radio Edit)
  7. Johny Dar - Game On
  8. Louis Lingg & The Bombs - Twitter Riot
  9. Roller Genoa - Build My Gallows High
  10. Dofhei Project - Kind of Light
  11. Forget the Whale - Another Trick Up My Sleeve
  12. Fathom The Sea - Positive Space
  13. Sam Pace - It All Comes Back To Get You


  1. Thanks for featuring our music!
    -Dan and Forget the Whale

    1. Anytime! Thanks for the great music (and great band name!).

  2. Thanks for posting this podcast. Great to know that you included email submitted music and featured new artists. It’s a great way to promote emerging bands.