Friday, January 25, 2019

Weekly Airwave - Times by Tab


Hi and welcome to Alternative Airwaves - I'm your host Steve, bringing you the best in Creative Commons music.  This is the Weekly Airwave: one track with some information about the song or the artist. 

This week's track: Times by Tab.  Tab is a hip hop artist based in the US.  He first started producing music at the age of 5, playing the drums.  Fast forward to 2018 - he is in an underground group called Dead Poet Society.  His latest solo album is A R T I S T, released December 2018.  About the album:

A R T I S T    “Always Reveal Truth In Strange Times” is the mantra for the new album. It was written for all the creatives still out there trying to balance adulthood & responsibilities with dreams and purpose. Growth is the major theme of this project.

Times is the final track on the album, which you can check out on  Hope you like the track - be sure to check out alternative airwaves dot com for podcasts and music reviews.  See you next time.

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