Sleeping Brothers Records present: Do Over! Volume 1

Do Over! Covering the 70s

I’ve been sleeping on this for too long now (pun definitely intended) but I thought this was a cool album to share if you’re looking for something new, but at the same time familiar.

Do Over! Covering the 70s
Sleeping Brothers Records presents: Do Over! Volume 1: Covering the 70s

The Sleeping Brothers Records label put out a release of their artists covering various songs from the 70’s, called Do Over! Volume 1: Covering the 70s. Artists include:

  • The Feebs
  • Jim Beydrodt
  • Lucky Spider
  • The Throats
  • Heirs to the McQueen Fortune

The styles are varied and the songs aren’t what you’d typically think of when you think “The 70s”. I think the standout track I’d listen to a few times would probably be “If You Could Read My Mind” by Lucky Spider – but then, I’m partial to Gordon Lightfoot.

Which is your favourite from the album? Let me know in the comments!

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