Re-Discovery: Ten Second Epic: Count Yourself In (2006)

Cover for Ten Second Epic's 2006 album Count Yourself In

Ten Second Epic is a Canadian band, specifically from Edmonton. Wikipedia describes them as an “alternative rock” band but also attributes the emo and pop punk tags in the side bar. Based on my recent listening experience, I think “emo punk” is probably a safe tag for the music.

I don’t remember how I got into the band – it could have been through my days in college while I was in the Radio Broadcasting program, or I might have heard them from my various sources of Indie music (most prominently the CBC Radio 3 podcast for Canadian music). Either way, the track that I recall enjoying and what led me to grabbing the entire album was the title track, “Count Yourself In”.

In my quest to get back into intentional music listening – going back to my static digital library and CD collection in favour of streaming – I recently gave this album another listen. To be frank, I didn’t like it. I was still drawn to “Count Yourself In” but my initial reaction to hitting “Play” was to turn it off right away.

Still, I came back to it to give it another chance. Maybe I was expecting something different, and was surprised by the style of music coming through my ears.

Unfortunately this album just isn’t for me anymore. I don’t think I could recommend it even as a good example of the genre, simply because I’m not entirely familiar with the emo / pop punk category this album seems to fall into. I will be pruning this album from my digital library; if I ever get the impulse to listen to the title track, there’s always streaming.

Note: I tried accessing the link to their website but it is no longer active and is not a secure address. Stick to streaming links or their Wikipedia page.

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