#49 – Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!  It’s everybody’s favourite Mexican holiday, because it’s fun to pronounce.  Today’s podcast is actually NOT themed around this holiday, butRead More

#47 – Unicycles

A bit of a laid-back podcast, I decided to talk a little bit about unicycles.  I don’t have much of an intro either – enjoyRead More

The Laureates: No Kontrol

The Laureates are a great-sounding rock group from Chicago.  Their sound is probably best described as Indie/Alternative, or maybe Indie Rock.  They’re actually almost Sloan-likeRead More

Old Timey Jazz

More from the Free Music Archive today.  While yesterday I brought you some folk/bluegrass music about treeplanting, today I have something that may cause youRead More

Free Music Archive

I’ve got another Free Music Source for you – and it’s massive.  I’m 100% positive I’ve linked either to the site itself, or to anRead More

Emptying the Inbox

I frequently send myself links to music to listen to and then never get around to listening to it.  This leads to a ton ofRead More

Free Music Archive

Holy cow, I wish I had discovered the FMA (http://www.freemusicarchive.org) a long time ago! I just checked out their charts, and it appears that thereRead More