Return of the Blog

Hey everyone!  Hope you are all well.  As mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been making some background changes that affect mostly the podcast feed, butRead More

Background Changes

Hi everyone, I’m going to be making some background changes to the website & podcast in the next little while.  You shouldn’t see any changesRead More

State of the Blog Address

On more than one occasion, I’ve thought about what do do with this blog. I’ve written about this before, so any regular readers know thisRead More

Greetings From The Abyss

Well, I guess “abyss” might be a bit strong.  But it almost feels like I’ve been languishing in “a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity.”  LongRead More

Non Music Related Post

I haven’t done one of these self-referential pity-inducing posts in a while, so in the absence of having anything prepared, here goes!  Actually, this isn’tRead More

Reduced Summer Schedule

No jokes about my infrequent updates as it is, please!  Just kidding.  Actually, what I’m referring to when I mention my reduced summer schedule isRead More

New Weekly Feature

Seems like I’m just announcing new features every Monday.  Well, this time it’s not my idea for a feature, but instead my buddy Mike.  HeRead More