Introducing Label Gazing!

I was thinking about some different ways I could add some originality to the blog/podcast last week, and came up with this: Label Gazing.  I’llRead More

Excursions in Music

Michael Gregoire, the man behind one of the biggest players in the netlabel scene (blocsonic), just yesterday launched a new music web site / magazine:Read More

Free Music Source: CLLCT

A while back I mentioned the music website CLLCT as a place I’d have to check out in-depth after downloading an album from there.  I’veRead More

Revisiting Emerald Park

I already posted about this album three months ago, but I recently gave it another listen to try and find some tracks to fill outRead More

New Release Tuesday

 T for Tuesday!  Does anybody know why Tuesday is the designated New Release day for music and movies?  I know it’s been thatRead More